Nader Farahani

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Would a new start makes us feel alive again? Or we end up thinking in the same way? Does it exist a thinking that regenerates our mindset by feeling the emptiness?

Everyone would like to experience that emptyness that there is due to the absence of knowledge around a certain field. Like children when discover new things.

Sometimes people decide to not cultivate knowledge by the misleading idea that the less you know, the more creative you can be at any field. That’s partially true. In the sense that without any basic knowledge, you are constantly empty and very imaginative. That means whatever you think is original and make you feel alive.

On the contrary, when you reflect around a certain theme you already know, worries start coming. You start doubting of your own judgement because you have to deal with your previous understanding. And you don’t want to question it to avoid suffering.

How to experience the same emptyness of mind that comes with the little knowledge you have about a certain argument, without actually keep changing ideas and strategy? How to keep going in the same direction without getting discouraged by boredom? Is it possible to experience a self-sustaining creative thinking that is not based on the circumstances we are dealing with? Is it possible to think originally everytime we want, indipendently on how much we already know about that specific subject?

If the above questions would find an answer, we could maintain a singular shape and being able to change it constantly at the same time. Like water. We would end up having one profession, one spouse, one attitude, one mindset that keeps us steady and does not bother our creative thinking. We would have all the time fresh arguments, fresh questions and ideas to communicate with everybody. We would be new person every morning we wake up, without acually changing things we do so often.

Is all this really possible?