Nader Farahani

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Being valuable for your own reasons is a very precious concept that can unleash full human power.

There are certain rules to follow in society. Usually such rules tend to conform, individuals creating stereotypes. Stereotypes give the perception of being accepted by society. The acceptance is basically imaginary. It is a self-sustaining idea with an end in itslef. Those who do understand it will eventually see which rules apply and which one is redundant.

What are we talking about? Someone’s mindset is shaped by what we eat, watch, attend and who we frequent and which languages we speak. All these interactions and actions are ignited by our willpower which in turn starts from the desire to be appreciated and taken care of. We all have a mother that has generated and nurtured us. We all seek this loving power around us during our existence. It is the reconnection to the beginning of life, let’s say.

The second step consists of nurturing those relationships which allow us to re-experience the primordial motherlyhood we have felt at the beginning of our existence.

Here comes the challenge. Once you understand this concept, it is clear what becomes important and valuable and what doesn’t. Under these circumstances, we can choose with a fixed reference point in mind. Without understanding and feeling this subtle concept, all our choices would not be aligned with ourselves, but with some fictional replica of our mind.

The uniformation of an individual to its stereotypes cannot happen if the person understands who she or he really is and where he or she comes from.