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When it comes to decision-making, it is vital to trust your inner signals or intuition and find a way to transform it into something more tangible. The first step would be to accept what you are feeling without denying its presence. When we ignore our inner stimuli, there is a tendency to get mental and […]

Blog Posts and Social Media Posts

Blog posts and social media posts share the same purpose: to let a business flourish, maintain it, and rejuvenate it. However, they are different, like the liver and spleen in the human body. It is important to acknowledge their specific features and tasks in order to perform them. 

Are blogs still alive today?

Blogs are very alive today and surf on the high crest of waves thanks to their innate nature: they live on websites. Who owns the website? If you have purchased the domain name, a sort of postcode for your website, ownership of all the content on your website is yours. Nobody can touch it without your […]