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Retrace your steps if you feel lost

retrace your steps

Making decisions takes you to embrace certain paths and keep following them if you recognise them as yours. In the building phase, it may be a start-up business or a relationship, sometimes decisions are taken even though some uncertainities. If the responsibilities undertaken allow you to take a step back without losing confidence in yourself, to retrace your steps may save precious time and energy.


There is a big difference between kinetic and potential energy. Potential power can be stored somewhere, and once triggered by its dynamic nature, it becomes available fuel for all our actions.

Why we need consistency?

When it comes to work and business, consistency is vital. The term comes from Latin and means standing with. It is a nurturing we give ourselves in terms of systematically repeating action in order to accomplish an objective. 

How many sheep do you count?

How many sheep do you need to count before falling asleep? It is true that a lot of content creators, whether by video or text, draw usually attention by appealing to numbers. Numbers are somehow something in between real and unreal: we can see with our eyes that we have five fingers, but we cannot actually tell what does five mean. It is an abstract idea embedded in the nature that surrounds us.


When it comes to decision-making, it is vital to trust your inner signals or intuition and find a way to transform it into something more tangible. The first step would be to accept what you are feeling without denying its presence. When we ignore our inner stimuli, there is a tendency to get mental and […]

Ramp to entrepreneurship

When people decide to start an own business it is important to learn all the aspects related to it. The ramp to entrepreneurship consists of: ALL-IN-ONE You do everything. Even when you do not like it. Because you have to become a leader in that field. To complete each task, it requires a switch of […]

Right or Left?

What’s the right way to do things? How important is it to do things according to standards?These two questions have something in common: the ideas of correct and incorrect. Tendentially, as a preservation instinct, women and men fear making mistakes while working. But why? Let’s say we need to design a bridge. If something goes […]


Everybody would like to be independent and not receive orders from their superiors anymore. How many can actually develop enough discipline to become the one who gives the orders? And to whom? Well, if you work alone as a self-employed person, you usually give orders to yourself. It may sound contradictory, but you still need […]