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When it comes to decision-making, it is vital to trust your inner signals or intuition and find a way to transform it into something more tangible. The first step would be to accept what you are feeling without denying its presence. When we ignore our inner stimuli, there is a tendency to get mental and […]

Blog Posts and Social Media Posts

Blog posts and social media posts share the same purpose: to let a business flourish, maintain it, and rejuvenate it. However, they are different, like the liver and spleen in the human body. It is important to acknowledge their specific features and tasks in order to perform them. 


The subtle difference between laughing and joking with someone rather than feeling uncomfortable with the same person revolves around how we process information. How do we deal with customer acquisitions in the modern era? There are different ways to interact with a potential client: IN PERSON This condition is verified by all businesses that usually […]

Think globally

Sometimes we are trapped in our own thoughts and overthink things even when there is not much to think about. That can be caused by a detail-oriented attitude that many entrepreneurs share. To think globally means to move someone’s attention to the bigger picture and see that specific task as a piece of a puzzle. […]

Prioritising at the start-up

You can keep your business alive or make it grow if there is a constant effort on your side towards some goals. Everyone establishes priorities, either willingly or unwillingly, because it is at the base of how we work. Once you understand your goals, it is a good habbit to focus on different tasks at […]

What should I talk about in a blog?

We are always at the mercy of questions that warn us against the genuineness of the content we are sharing. In the previous post, we were wondering how could harmful content that is disconnected from the rest of the business blog could be. Does it make sense to share ideas unrelated to the rest of […]

Why my business need a website?

Sometimes we do not even require a computer to carry on with our business in digital form on the internet. So why on earth should I need a website with WordPress? There are many factors that contribute to managing a website.

The importance of providing simple and complete instructions.

When a service of any kind is provided, one inevitably collides with the dilemma of providing the right information to the customer for correct use of the product or service offered. Because the end user will have to make good use of it. At least that’s what everyone hopes. Today, providing the classic instruction booklet […]

Existential technological dilemma

It is well known that the individuals that make up a society are collective beings, which in fact constantly need reciprocal interaction with other individuals. Technology today makes it possible to create and maintain contacts with society, precisely enhancing communication. Many avant-garde cities, such as London in the United Kingdom for example, have integrated technology […]