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The effects of a multicultural environment on a business are multiple.


Change of point of view favours the rise of ideas. Performative companies welcome a multicultural background and see it as a strength that brings dynamism. Static environments are usually associated with conservative systems, where new ideas are slow to come to light.

Anyone can easily learn something from another culture. The language, the lifestyle, the cuisine are accessible once we make friends with a colleague or a customer. It enriches ourselves and brings a sense of freshness into our life and our work sphere. This aspect can be linked to the previous concept of dynamism and the birth of new ideas, which add creativity to any business.

When we have to deal with the unknown, there is more excitement and less expectations: everything is possible. In this environment, it is easier to express yourself if some precautions are taken.


There may be an experience of loss, or unfamiliarity. This can lead to a lack of confidence in performing any kind of work. The standard procedure is subjected to continuous revisions. A sense of scatterness may be beneficial to individualistic attitudes, but it can negatively affect the sense of collectivity and belonging.

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