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Is it possible to control our thoughts and their consequences?

We can usually control the tone of voice, the movements of a hand, the speed of a car. What about mental activity? Can we somewhat interfere with what happens at a mental level?

According to our lifestyle, we can be more or less mind oriented. Some people can think much more and faster than others. The thing is that the brain can be trained as a muscle. The quality of the training is also important.

Our society gives a lot of different tools for how to train your mindset and sharpen it: mathematics, human language, machine languages, music are only a few ways to keep your brain healthy. The internet is full of information, mostly gratis. To remain stupid, meaning not learning anything, is a choice.

How important is it to rest in order to not overload the brain? The question itself may open new horizons. Sleeping is fundamental for all those who are very active mentally. Also, food has the power to reduce or accelerate mental performance. A balanced diet can help to optimise things.

Is all the mental activity produced during the awake time useful? Could we remove or convert that energy that is not well employed? What actually means energy well employed?

Tendentially, we can have control over mental activity within a certain range. There are many factors to deal with. Before getting involved in any thoughts related to certain aspects, it would be a good habit to understand the direction we are going. Is it worth spending time and energy on it? Why?