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What’s the difference between the power of money and the power of knowledge?

Money is a medium, a way, an intermediary. Money grants you only power, intended as a potential energy to be invested into something. It is better to judge someone not by the power he or she has, but rather by the use of that power. What is it used for?

Those who invest their money to generate profits for themselves, are like a beautiful person who watches himself or herself in the mirror several times a day. What’s the use of it?

What’s missing then? Knowledge is the only thing that gives satisfaction and enriches. It is right to make profits out of money, but that is not the ultimate point. If someone stops there, it is missing the point of making all the effort.

It is like someone who is thirsty that goes to the river to drink, and then once there he starts enjoying swimming.

Knowledge has the power to understand events and situations and find the most comfortable solution to encountered problems. Are you actually able to see the problem? Is there any problem around you? How can you work things out?