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To retrace your steps if you feel lost is a very powerful technique that never dies.

Making decisions takes you to embrace certain paths and keep following them if you recognise them as yours. In the building phase, it may be a start-up business or a relationship, sometimes decisions are taken even though some uncertainities. If the responsibilities undertaken allow you to take a step back without losing confidence in yourself, to retrace your steps may save precious time and energy.

When we opt for multiple solutions, we always have in mind a drawback to follow in case the chosen one fails. Let’s say we have decided to follow plan A. Plan B and C are there in case the committed one does not work well. It is important to understand that side plans B and C may get affected while performing on A, because new ideas may arise and the experience may modify our global view.

Under these circumstances, plan B and C are modified in a way we are not completely sure about. This fact propagates uncertainties and diminishes confidence in someone’s path, in terms of career or personal life.

To retrace your steps means to start again from the beginning. To have a blank page at our disposal favours creativity and intuitive aspects that are often hidden and difficult to get to. Starting from the beginning makes you run the same path with different shoes and eyes. It also empowers the global view you have on the whole situation. This may lead to a completely different solution with respect to the previous one.

It is important to maintain an humble attitude during the process. That’s enough to restart and see the same path you were following with different eyes because of the new experience gained.