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The importance of always standing by your side is crucial when it comes to developing a charismatic character. The only person we have always dealt with and will always be there is ourselves. There is an exchange of information between the body and the mind. The stimuli passing from an outer core to a more inner one can be either listened to or ignored.

If we ignore our own needs, the whole structure will start to wobble because it understands that whatever the input is, there is an uncertainty in the accomplishment of it. In other words, the mechanism of realisation of a deep need is broken.

To develop a solid and integer personality, it is vital to listen carefully to ourselves. That’s the first and foremost step that ignites the growth of any individual, at whichever phase of their life she or he might be. It may take time to understand what we are dealing with, what should we do, how to behave. Asking questions reflecting on things  is very important. Please be patient with yourselves.

Because we live in a noisy society where there is an overwhelming amount of information sent to us, we might get confused. A good technique to balance this scenario is to focus on something. When you are concentrating all your senses on an action, your receptors get busy and cannot absorb information from outside. You basically relax your mind by performing actions. Work may be a good way to relieve distress.

Another fundamental aspect resides in the capacity to go in the direction that we feel correct for ourselves. Once we have listened to our inner stimuli and reflected on them. This develops confidence in ourselves, intended as the capacity to deal with our own needs.

The primary attitude should be to stay centered, intended to not swing too much onto the extremes. Neither too extroverted nor too introverted. Neither thinking too much, nor not at all. It should be like this. Once we hit that central point, it is easy to listen to what happen inside and outside, because we know the where we were before. Simply get back to that state your where before the interaction with that new stimuli. It is like coming back home after worked outside.

Extreme behaviours tend to annihilate the perceptions we have of our needs. They overwrite them by either magnifying or diminuishing. They change their own original nature. If you are thirsty you may drink a glass of water, but if you drink too much you may even die.

Our house, intended as that state we really feel connected to ourselves, should be neat and tranquil. Not chaotic. A place where you can find yourself again after having being shaken well from work!