Nader Farahani

tel: +44 7717378983

When reality kicks in, there is space for evolution. The fundamental concept that it is hard to master is that what is in our minds is mere imagination and does not exist. What is put into action becomes reality. It is a very subtle difference but extremely important.

The thinking process is the starting point. If the consequent action is missing, the connection is interrupted. A block prevents the upgrade in the evolutionary step of anyone towards mastering a certain skill or ability.

The goal of anyone in this life is to evolve into an individual and in a collective way. We are both singular and plural. Singular when we think. Plural when we apply our own thoughts to the society we live in.

Sometimes a mistake may be inevitable while building our mindset and character. We may think in a way, and by putting it into practice, we can adjust and re-calibre our thoughts accordingly to the impact on the world. The more sensitive we are about each procedure, the better is the adjustment thought-action.

The only side effect of someone’s high sensitivity lies in the upgrade’s velocity. The speed they evolve at may seem rather slow to grosser eyes. Or even inexistent. Eventually, what really matters is whether there is a movement forward, even if imperceptible, rather than a static situation or a backward one.

Patience is fundamental, especially with one’s self. Understanding why we behave in a certain way requires time and perseverance.

Eventually, the reward is very satisfying. The reward of being a living human with an inbuilt capacity for evolution.